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Shady's Golf

                                             Welcome To Shadys! We have 4 Shadys Product lines to choose from!

Shadys Ray provides 3 sides of sun protection for you while on your cart. Shadys blocks 90% of harmful UV rays, UVA & UVB. Available in white, beige, brown, gray or black. Please allow 8-10 days for delivery…
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Provides two-sides of sun protection and blocks up to 90% up harmful UVA/UVB rays that can cause severe sun damage, while providing the equivalent of 90% shade to keep you cool and comfortable…
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Unique ‘Slim Line’ design provides extra room to enter and exit golf car, perfect for courses where golfers quickly ‘enter & exit’ golf cars up to over 65 times per round. Provides two-sides of sun protection and blocks…
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Pair of light weight ‘take anywhere’ golf car shade screens to keep you cool and protected from the sun. Easy to store, and easy to install. Available in white, beige or black. Shadys provides 90% shade and sun protection…
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We have Shadys for all 4 major manufacturers!